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Classic Celtic Traditional Music

'MacGilliossa,' is a Celtic quartet who play traditional Irish and Scottish music. This is an acoustic band who play classical Celtic instruments, such as bagpipes, bodhran, Irish whistles,

guitars and the bouzouki.

'MacGilliossa,' is a great band for corporates events, parties and festivals. Like North of Argyll, this is a total entertainment band. Not only does the band play great Celtic music, they will tell the stories of the tunes, with humor and wit.

A great band for family occassions.


Our Story

'Macgilliossa,' was first formed in 2016 in Tampa Florida. The band performed at hundreds of venues in Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, across to Colorado.

In 2019 the band morphed into the Celtic Fusion band 'North of Argyll.'

Several of the original members of 'Macgilliossa,' decided to take a leave of the music scene, until August 2023.

In August 2023, we decided to reform the band.

The idea is to keep this band a classic Celtic Traditional band, unlike its big brother 'North of Argyll,' which is a Celtic fusion band. That way, we can offer people the best Celtic music of two different styles.

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